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Course Notes

Module 17: How to make a funeral wreath

Notes: Garlands are not arranged in containers. They are bands of plant  material and flowers woven or in some other way attached together. A wreath is a circular garland. When worn around the head it is called a chaplet. 

wreaths are more than evergreen or flowers. They are dated back to the ancient times and represents immortality. The circularity of the shape for christmas, sympathy or fueral wreaths amy indicate circle of life for it goes around without a beginning or an end. 

Materials you will require for a wreath:

  • Daisies, carnations, chrysanthemum poms, or statice
  • A heart or circular wreath foam form
  • Round toothpicks or similar
  • Wire cutters or a knife
  • Satin ribbon
  • Glitter glue pen

NB: Funeral wreaths can be constructed with fresh garden flowers, dried items or silk flowers. For a hand made sympathy message a wreath form can be weaved from blossoms. A floral wreath can be hung on a door or an easel at a church or in a funeral home. A framed photograph of the decaese can be pplaced i the middle of the wreath, displayed at the fueral home. An urn or a cremation box maybe circled with a wreath of freah flowers and foliages.


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